Paella, Please try again.

by Simone loves.....

My Spanish friend recently sent me a link to a great new book on my favourite Spanish dish called Paella by Alberto Herráiz. I also started looking online and found this really interesting article from The Guardian on how to cook the perfect paella. Oven or hob? And what about stock? Picking your way through paella purists’ recommendations can be more than a little tricky. Read the entire article here

As stated in the article”Some dishes are a victim of their own success. The Yorkshire pudding springs to mind – just a little too tasty and conveniently shaped for its own good; the Scotch egg suffers from a similar problem. One of the saddest examples is the brave paella” so please try it again, and if you ask me the black paella blackened with the ink of the inkfish is a true winner!