Midori x Nigel Cabourn.

by Simone loves.....

Midori x Nigel Cabourn joined forces and made this limited army edition take on the passport size Traveler’s Notebook. A real must-have for frequent flyers like me!

MIDORI teamed up with the vintage godfather to produce a collaboration notebook set with style and ‘camo’. MIDORI and NIGEL CABOURN gave this very unique collaboration set an extra dose of lifestyle and vintage extraordinaire.

Its passport-size brown leather cover carries a stylish embossed ‘broad arrow’, a graphic icon with its origin in the British military and often present as a visual trademark throughout NIGEL CABOURN’s collections.

A further CABOURN touch is the bullet shaped brass pencil holder which received a stunning vintage military matte green coating as well as the vivid green cover of the actual notebook inside.

I love the online Misc-store that luckily for us locals, will soon open it’s first shop in Amsterdam.