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How to Make Homemade Yoghurt

There is plenty of discussion about dairy products these days and whether they are good or bad for you, your bones, your belly and the environment. But when it comes to yogurt, the news is generally more positive. Like many fermented foods, yogurt offers great health benefits. It sounds a bit off-putting to eat foods with live cultures, bacteria or microbial strains, but scientists seem to keep discovering that eating this fermented milk product is good for us. Of course, making your own yogurt and home takes a bit of time, but it’s so easy and cheap—plus, you will know that it isn’t loaded with processed sugar and food colorings. Use fresh fruit, nuts, granola, honey or other fun stuff to make it feel like a dessert, pour it on top of a fruit crumble for breakfast or use in place of sour cream on taco salads and other savory dishes. You may find that you only want to eat yogurt you’ve made yourself.

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