Es Castell.

by Simone loves.....

Es Castell is a boutique hotel in a converted historic finca in rural Mallorca. The perfect hide-away “At night, the terrace of this elegant hotel is a near spiritual experience itself, with only your thoughts and the hum of cicadias to keep you company…

The hotel building dates from the XI Century and the property has been in the same family since the XV Century. As you enter Es Castell you step into a bygone era where the secrets of past generations are worn into the thick stone that makes up its walls.
Pass through the cobbled patio, past the medieval well in the courtyard and stop to admire the Almanzara or olive press, or take a walk through the gardens up to the pool, with its dazzle of bougainvillea, the al fresco terrace, where you are likeliest to have your meals, or the roof terrace.

This were time stands still and all your worries in life are slowly taken over by the beauty of nature, peace and quiet.