Telas de lenguas.

by Simone loves.....

The traditional Majorcan fabric, known locally as “Telas de Lenguas” (fabric of flames) is distinguished for its simple geometrical patterns and motifs, lively colours and infinite range of tones, the design of which is based on a recopilation of the original fabric commonly used for years in island homes. Today these fabrics are now known and highly appreciated in many other countries around the world.

It is said that the origin of this fabric is oriental, a highly probable theory if we take into account that Majorca was once the central mooring site of ships transiting the commercial routes between Asia and Europe. In fact, the oriental “Ikats” are very similar to the Majorcan “Telas de Lenguas”; hand-dyed fabric, with a smudge-like, discontinuous pattern and lively, irregular colours. The passing of time has witnessed the evolution of these fabrics which are now considered as autoctonous, our very own.

The preparation of colours and patterns is performed by hand and from there the fabric is passed on to the mechanical loom; hence the irregular, imperfect design that distinguishes this fabric from its industrially produced counterparts. Natural, hand-dyed fibres such as cotton, linen, silk… an endless range of colours and patterns, ranging from classic to avant garde designs, are nowadays combined.

One of the traditional Marjocan houses specialised in these fabrics is Bujosa Textil

Looking at the photos you’ll see the cotton hank dyeing process which uses colours affording the maximum solidity and resistence. The range of colours available is infinite and they can provide almost any colour on request. I truly love this ancient Majorcan handcrafted fabrics!