by Simone loves.....

One of my favourite magazines Kinfolk and one of my favourite denim brands, Citizens of Humanity partner up for Kinfolk’s September event!

This month Kinfolk reader’s gather to celebrate the end-of-season harvest and to preserve summer’s bounty to be enjoyed for the rest of the year. Whether planning to fully explore traditional canning methods, or sticking to simpler pickling and fridge preserving methods, they encourage everyone to get their hands good and messy in the process.

This gathering invites you to leave behind the frenzy of daily life and to leave behind busyness and distraction, at least for a few hours. Join with other novice canners and picklers to fully embrace the joy of learning a new skill, and stocking your pantry for the season ahead. “For the first years of my life, there was a series, every summer, of short but violently active cannings. Crates and baskets and lug-boxes of fruits in their prime and at their cheapest would lie waiting with opulent fragrance on the screened porch, and a whole battery of enameled pots and ladles and wide-mouthed funnels would appear from some dark cupboard. ” –MFK Fisher

Photo by Trinette Reed & Chris Gramly

Venue: Worldwide locations