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Beautiful chaos.

Graanmarkt 13 is a boutique which houses stylish high-end fashion, curious design objects and collectibles. Items that inspire and feel like coming home, carefully selected by Graanmarkt 13, run by old mutual friends of mine, Tim and Ilse.

Graamarkt 13 also houses a restaurant run by Seppe Nobels who learned his trade in the kitchens of top chefs such as Gianni Brunelli (Osteria le Logge, Siena) and Wout Bru (Chez Bru, Eygalières). He takes the honest, regional cuisine to a higher level and was voted ‘best junior chef in Belgium’ in 2005.

In collaboration with Bart Belmans, Seppe turned all available space of Graanmarkt 13’s garden and rooftops into a genuine city garden. Turning it into a small-scale nursery-garden growing herbs, wild plants and forgotten vegetables.

Vegetables grow happily in the garden of Graanmarkt 13 while herbs stretch towards the light on the roof terrace. Their own bees provide heavenly honey and the optimal pollination of their kitchen garden. What they can’t grow themselves, they get from close by: fish from the North Sea, meat from carefully selected farmers in the local area. Their farmers raise their animals outdoors with a commitment for high quality and healthy foods.

In fact the city-garden barely qualifies for the term since its agricultural area encompasses as much as 40 m2. At first sight, this does not seem much, but it is sufficient to harvest part of the season’s herbs and vegetables for Seppe’s dishes.
In it you’ll even find several themes: a Mediterranean garden, a sea-garden, a vegetable- and fruit-garden, and onion-garden and a shadow-garden. Go for a three course lunch while shopping!







Helena Christensen.

Model, photographer and muse of Triumph Essence, Helena Christensen has designed her second lingerie collection under her own label “Helena Christensen for Triumph” Helena not only represents the most desirable qualities of women today, she also embodies everything Triumph stands for.

This season Helena designed a collection that includes delicate elements: “In a few words I would say my new collection is poetic, captivating and bold. As in my last collection I again worked with pastel colours. These bleached colours remind me of vintage styles, which I am really passionate about.”

Helena Christensen represents the essence of modern women today – with a strong personality, creative instincts, professional ambition and feminine allure. Again Helena modelled her collection in New York – shot by her good friend and world-reknowned photographer Guy Aroch – and had full creative direction on the photo shoot. I love this woman and her collections for Triumph!









Alexander McQueen.

My friend Jenny Thronaes has the most amazing ring. What a beautiful scare. The Butterfly and Skull ring from Alexander McQueen in gold. The skull (which is smiling) is adorned with beautiful Swarovski crystals. I think I love you baby….



Wild west.

I love Cowboy Boots and so does TONY MORA. For nearly 100 years they have been producing the famous TONY MORA cowboy boots.Through the years they have been developing new styles and fits and now are one of the world’s top cowboy boot manufacturer.

Their boots are made of high quality leather and natural materials such as python skin, alligator skin, ostrich skin or shark skin. Leather, linings, soles and heels: Each part of a TONY MORA cowboy boot is made out of top quality.

They employ the best Majorcan craftsmen shoemakers who carry out more than one hundred operations on each pair of TONY MORA boots to make them perfect. In addition they employ the Cowboy GoodYear System, which has made their boots so famous. That means the boots have double stitchings that guarantee maximum quality for a lifetime.

This small family business is committed to protect nature and the environment, thus the products are subject to rigorous control. Making sure, that all skins are from farmed animals so the wilderness is left intact. Every pair of boots carries a farm certificate.

I bought my pair at their fabric & outlet where you can hunt for special one off pieces as we did!










F I S H & W O O D S

A mutual friend recently started F I S H & W O O D S , a company that designs bags with clear statements. Bags with identity. Bags with concrete engagements. Sometimes the statements try to slightly adjust the world around us, at other times they merely serve to provoke a little grin on your face in order to make this planet a funnier place to live on. F I S H & W O O D S considers itself to be pretty bombastic and out there, but don’t worry, there’s no vanity or conceit to be found.

F I S H & W O O D S offers a bag that has an identity, it is strong and made of 100% organic cotton. It will be your bag to differ, your bag to state, your bag to rock the hell out of your utterly great personality. So classic, so cheap, yet so savvy.

Here are some of my favourite bags!





It’s all about great accessories.










I just love this brand, I wish I could afford all their hats, this is the new summer range for Maison Michel



Love my new coral skull ring!



Super cute bracelet found on Precious D