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When only a few phrases could be used to describe the diverse work of my close friend and great fashion editor Jetteke van Lexmond these could be; inexhaustible driven, passionate for the chic and aesthetic feminine look.

Jetteke is highly energetic and a perfectionist, and foremost dedicated to her strong belief that women need to look powerful and confident.
Because of her fashion forward vision and continuous drive to push her abilities to the highest level, Jetteke has become one of the best in her field and her style is well know and autographed in the business.

Both nationally and internationally she has left her footprint on the fashion world and worked with some of the most talented people in the industry. Arthur Elgort, Marc de Groot, Paul Bellaart, Philippe Vogelenzang, Alique, Petrovsky & Ramone and Anne Menke just to name a few.

Jetteke’s roots made her to what she is today. Young as she was, growing up in a small farmers village in the warm surroundings of a close free spirited family, she was always an explorer, traveling to South America, Asia and India meeting new cultures and at a young age made her realize boundaries do not exist and an open mind is something you should cherish. These episodes became the mantra in her life and are a great inspiration in her work.

After graduating the Amsterdam fashion academy she was appointed fashion editor at a large weekly magazine where she learned the tricks of the trade. The years after that she dedicated to launch Elle Girl and Glamour Magazine in the Netherlands, this was a dream come true. The freedom of work and endless flow of positive energy made her create and discover the best in her. It was there where she shot the first ever covers of Doutzen Kroes and Behati Prinsloo. Also Lara Stone was one of the much favored models and made her appearance many times. Both Elle girl and Glamour won numerous awards and Glamour became one of the largest and most successful monthly selling titles in the Dutch fashion magazine industry. Nowadays Jetteke’s work can be admired in the Dutch Vogue.

Jetteke’s work is inspired by great diversity . As a painter herself, the works of strong characters like Picasso and Cy Twombly inspire her. Strong femine women like Lauren Hutton, the sisters Lee Radziwell and Jacky Kennedy left their mark on both Jetteke’s approach in work as in her daily practice. Diane Vreeland with her larger than life style is her personal constant push on where she sets the standard.

The most important goal for every photoshoot is; You need to want to be the person in the picture, you want to wear her dress, put on her make-up and jewelry and travel to the setting. I want to make the dream come true















The Conservatorium hotel’s spa focusses on comprehensive restoration and rejuvenation. The Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre is divided into different areas which align with the four elements.

‘Earth’ is the Organic Bar lounge which provides freshly prepared organic sandwiches and juices to be enjoyed in the relaxation area.

‘Water’ is the main spa area, featuring sound, music and aroma therapies, an exclusive Watsu pool, whirlpool sauna and Hammam. The 18m x 5m swimming pool provides an oasis of calmness and serenity within the comfort of the indulgent simplicity of Piero Lissoni’s design.

‘Fire’ is the fitness club, equipped with the most up-to-date apparatus including Life Fitness® and a Kinesis Personal from TechnoGym, all under personal trainer guidance.

‘Air’ is the calming, peaceful space for yoga and Pilates classes.

All hotel guests have complimentary access to Akasha. A limited range of memberships are also available for the local community and thus so have I and I truly love it!

My favourite thing to do when visiting this amazing city spa is to do a pilates session with Barbara Rose and combine it with a dip in the pool and a good Hammam session, bless…





Sarah’s carob’s.

I just love Sarah Britton’s food blog and I really wanted to share a new fact of hers with you. Specially since I just spent a week on Ibiza where I happened to discuss what to do with this curious thing called carob.

Carob is not Chocolate


When Sarah started eating more healthfully, she was introduced to carob as being a caffeine-free, high-fiber, nutrient-rich alternative to chocolate. In truth, it is all of those things, but um, sorry…it’s nothing like chocolate. So for years, she scorned carob as the unsexy imposter that seemed to lurk in vegan baked goods pretending to be something it so clearly was not.

Years later, she decided to wipe the slate clean and give carob another shot. After baking with it, making warming winter beverages, and adding it to smoothies, she had a breakthrough: carob is carob. And in its own special way, it is delicious. Malty, earthy, sweet and caramel-y, carob can be many things, just not chocolate. And how it ever got peer-pressured into being something other than what it is, is beyond her. Once she started appreciating carob just for being its amazing and tasty self, well everything changed.

Read more and get the recipe here!






Passion café is a juice and superfood smoothie bar and café in Ibiza. They opened as a juice bar with a few sandwiches, salads and homemade cakes, but nowadays have grown into a complex juice and superfood smoothies bar and café serving an award winning breakfast, deli sandwiches, innovative salads, homemade cakes and desserts, gourmet burgers, wraps, delicious pasta and so much more… The list is endless!

It is not a vegetarian café but their focus is very much on vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic and raw food dishes including raw desserts, including homemade raw nut milks and raw ice creams.

The Passion café philosophy is good, natural, wholesome food using the best quality ingredients they can find. Their food is unadulterated and unadorned. Sourcing locally grown food as much as they can and going organic whenever possible.








Yesterday we had beautiful Nikki at our showroom for a private photo session by photographer and actress Chloe Leenheer.

Nikki inspires me day by day, she is the most positive, energetic and sweet girl I have met over the past year. She is a true inspiration when it comes to living in the moment and embracing life as it comes. Keep up the good spirits Nikki!




Jerome Dahan.

Today I met one of the most inspiring people in the denim industry, Jerome Dahan.

Jerome founded Citizens of Humanity in 2003, and the brand has captivated the fashion world with a rigorous commitment to cutting-edge denim styling, comfort and fit without compromise. With over 25 years of experience in the denim industry, Jerome Dahan, is a true visionary and the first to bring the concept of luxury designer denim to the global marketplace.

Remaining true to his roots, the brand reflects a relaxed confidence and contemporary style, inspired by the people and places that most influenced Dahan—from pop culture icons such as Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg during his youth in Paris to street art and California beach culture in his more recent years—giving the brand a spirit that is unique only to Citizens of Humanity. Have a look at this video

Parisian born Jerome Dahan ventured out to Los Angeles in 1981 where he discovered his talent for design. It was not long before Jerome took a job that would forever change his life. He began his career in denim and found his passion while working with one of the pioneer brands that changed the denim market in the United States– Guess Jeans.

Through the years Jerome searched for what he felt was missing, that something he would soon be recognized for creating. Something in addition to the fits, fabrics and washes that were becoming prevalent in the market. It was Jerome’s goal to recreate the market and develop the story for the next generation of jean wearers. He was aiming high to create a modern Levi’s.

In 1999, Jerome conceived the idea that became Seven For All Mankind–a brand that would change the industry like only a few brands ever have. At Seven, Jerome introduced a new fit that he describes as ” a sexy universal jean”. He also introduced a new generation of denim fabrics–multi-counts from Candiani and a comfort stretch from Kaihara that allow the jeans to feel and look authentic. He combined these innovative fabrics with the “icing on the cake”– a collection of new washes and new finishing techniques which included Jerome’s signature vintage center crease line that made both a flair and boot leg look slim and sophisticated.

In 2002, Jerome would learn the most important lesson of his life, teamwork. As he tells it, “no matter how great an idea may be, without the right team and support around you, you will not achieve your goal.” Unfortunate for Jerome, he did not have the right team at 7 For All Mankind.

Regardless, sometimes adversity can be turned to an advantage, and that’s exactly what Jerome did. Jerome took the opportunity to create a new brand –Citizens of Humanity– the brand that has brought him the success that he enjoys today.

In 2007, Jerome made an important decision when he convinced Adriano Goldschmeid, a long time mentor and one of the few others in the industry to match Jerome’s passion and creativity, to join forces and bring Goldsign and Citizens of Humanity together.

Jerome believes that creating a stimulating and fun atmosphere is essential to keep his creative juices flowing. He attributes his success in large part to the fact that he loves what he does. “If you’re not pure of heart and have a motive other than being passionate and extremely creative, my advice is you better start running, and you better run fast, very fast, because any good fortune you may receive will not last for long.” Jerome explains, “I have been having fun designing the product with some great people, and I am fortunate for the financial rewards that have come my way. My success is owed in no small part to people like my friend, Gary Freedman, who believed enough in me to provide the support that has been the hallmark of Citizens of Humanity for almost nine years.

Jerome also knows that you can never rest on your success. “I need to design more than a product. I can set a vision, but the true DNA of the company is made by those who participate day in and day out to make our product the best it can be. That means creating a team of people who work closely together, one no more important than the other. This is what I choose to do and how I want to get there. I want to work with people who share my vision and energy, people I can feel close to and who stimulate my passion. It’s not a lot of people, but it is those who remember that we are all Citizens of Humanity.





“All that we are is the result of what we have thought. The mind is everything. What we think we become.”

– Buddha